What Our Gym Offers


Open Gym Membership

24-hour use of facility.



Group Training

A great workout includes more than a good sweat. A great workout is proper coaching and guidance, it’s the attention you deserve. It is inspiration through fellowship, and support within the RAWW community.



Performance Training

(Youth – HS – Collegiate – Pro)

RAWW Athletics strives to enhance the athlete’s level of competitive play, prevent injury, and ultimately create new opportunities in life through the sport they love. We increase performance ability in various aspects, with an emphasis on what the athlete needs most for their sport and position.



Children’s Program

The purpose of our movement program is to encourage our youth to unplug and get moving, with the hopes of additionally introducing them to new activities that they may like and further pursue. We like to think of it as an enhanced PE program.




We hold a variety of camps and clinics, bringing in coaches, trainers, and athletes from within our network that specializes in various practices and styles that can compliment our programs by bringing more value through education and opportunity.



Raww Athletics

Within our RAWW programs we take pride in our ability to produce results in strengthening and developing athletes at all levels. While this is our primary focus, we find it equally important to educate our youth on how to properly go through motions.


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